Vortex Flow Meter

The main purpose of the flow meter is used to measure the flow of steam, gas and compressed air. Due to this working accuracy in which type of oil like, nitrogen, superheated steam, liquefied gas .so, it can be used in chemicals, power generation, heat supply system and petrochemicals industry.

The unique prowirl 200 is the first vortex meter used to monitor the steam quality and immediately generate the alarm message in case of wet steam, it can be used for flow monitoring system up to SIL2 and SIL3 and it is independently evaluated and certified but the T0V in accordance with IEC 61508.

But now a days the modern vortex flow meters are comes complete with temperature sensors and flow computer.

vortex flow meter

Working Principle

The measuring principle is based on that fact turbulence forms downstream of optacles in the flow such as bridge pier.

Inside of the flow meter a bluf body is here, and it is located in the middle of the pipe, as soon as the velocity of the flow is reach certain value vortices form behind the bluf body, are detached from the floe and transported from the downstream.

The vortex frequency is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity, it is nothing but volume of flow.


  • Main thing is universally suitable for gas and steam.
  • There is no affected by the change of pressure, density, viscosity and temperature.
  • Long term stability.
  • Large turn down, typically 10:1 and 30:1 for gas and steam up to 40:1 for liquids.
  • Suitable for temperature range up to(-200 to +450).