Turbine Flow Meter

The turbine flow meter can be applied for hygienic, relatively clean and corrosive liquids for 4mm to 20mm.

The turbine flow meter is less accurate at low flow rates below 5% of maximum flow rate only due to bearing and shaft of the rotor has maximum friction and rotor rotate slower than the normal flow, that is the reason for this good accuracy.

Construction and Working Principle

It can be classified into screw end, flange end and tri-clamp model.

It have high accuracy and balanced turbine rotor, pickup coil. The mechanical energy of a fluid passing through the flow meter rotate a rotor, an angular velocity of the rotor proportional to the fluid flow rate. The pickup coil generate an electrical frequency proportional to the angular velocity of turbine rotor.

Turbine Flow Meter 1
Turbine Flow Meter 2


Bearing wear, and tear at high flow rate, dirty liquid and dry fluid this there condition the rotor bearing and the shaft is high wear and require to change bearing and shaft.


In some applications the lubrication facility is available to reduce or avoid the wear and tear.