Thermal Mass Flow Meter

This type of flow meter is used for the direct mass flow measurement of industrial gases, compressed air and liquids.

Whenever the turn down and low pressure losses are very important in gas metering applications, this flow meters are required and give a traditional measuring techniques weather for process control, consumption and supply monitoring ,detecting leaks, or monitoring distribution works.

Mass flow meter applications are below:

  • Compressed air (consumption and detection)
  • Co2 (production and chilling)
  • Argon (in steel production)
  • N2 and O2 (production_)
  • Natural gas (burners and feed control)

Working Principle

The fact of the principle is heat is drawn from a heated body when a fluid flows past.

In construction wise its having a two temperature sensors (PT 100) for the thermal purpose, One sensor measure the temperature of current fluid passed the flow meter another sensors is always in constant temperature differential relative to the first sensor at “zero flow”.

As soon as the fluid begins to flow in measuring tube, the heated temperature sensors cools of due to the fluid flowing past – the higher the flow velocity, the greater the cooling effect . The electric current is need to maintain the temperature differential.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter


  • No pressure and temperature compensated
  • High turn down (100:1)
  • Multi-variable
  • Quick reactions to fluctuations in a flow