Resistance thermometers are equipped with platinum sensor elements which change their electrical resistance as a function of temperature. In our range of products you will find resistance thermometers with connected cable as well as versions with connection head. A temperature transmitter can be installed directly in the connection head. Resistance thermometers are suitable for applications between -200 ... +600 °C (dependent on instrument model, sensor element, accuracy class and materials coming into contact with the medium). 


    • Machine building, plant and vessel construction
    • Energy and power plant technology
    • Chemical industry
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology

Special Features

    • Sensor ranges from -196 ... +600 °C [-320 ... +1.112 °F]
    • With integrated fabricated protection tube
    • Spring-loaded measuring insert (replaceable)
    • Explosion-protected versions are available for many approval types