Radar Level Transmitter

This series of radar level meter adopted 26G high frequency radar sensor, the maximum measurement range can reach up to 70 meters. Antenna is optimized further processing, the new fast microprocessors have higher speed and efficiency can be done signal analysis, the instrumentation can be used for reactor, solid silo and very complex measurement environment.

Product Features

The radar level meter adopts the transmitting frequency up to 80GHz, so it has the following advantages:

Non contact radar, no wear, no pollution;

The antenna is small and easy to install;

Shorter wavelength, better reflection on the inclined solid surface;

The measurement blind area is smaller, and good results can be obtained for small tank measurement;

The beam angle is small and the energy is concentrated, which not only enhances the echo ability, but also helps to avoid interference;

Hardly affected by corrosion or foam.

It is almost not affected by the change of water vapor, temperature and pressure;

Serious dust environment will not affect the electromagnetic wave work;

High signal-to-noise ratio can achieve better performance even in the case of fluctuations;

High frequency is the best choice for measuring solid and low dielectric constant.