Oval Gear Flow meter

It is also called as positive displacement meter.it is a type of meter that requires fluids to mechanically displace components in the meter in order for flow measurement.it measures the volumetric flow rate of the moving fluid.

The flow meter can be used in wide variety of liquid flow control, and also applicable to all fluids such as petrol, diesel, and crude oil.

Working Principle

The flow meter is installed to the tank, when liquid flow through the meter, it generates pressure to rotate a pair of differential gears and the rotation is constantly proportional to the liquid delivery to the exit.

The no. of rotations =amount of the fluid passed through the meter.

The rotations are detected by sensors element. It was mainly classified into

  1. Digital Flow Meter: it is made by the measuring chamber ,high. Precision oval gear and rotating measuring sensor, here a controller is used to indicate the flow valve.
  2. Mechanical Flow Meter: it also made by measuring chamber, high precision oval gear and rotating couple. (magnetic and co axial coupling)
Oval Gear Flow Meter


  • No loss due to small pressure
  • Accuracy
  • High viscosity applicable
  • Simple installation

Applicable on

  • Chemicals
  • Fiber
  • Food and beverage industry
  • For calibration and measuring crude oil