Oil Level Indicator

The main purpose of the indicator is to indicate the oil level in inside the tank with a visual indicator above the tank .reed proximity sensor is fitted to oil level indicator for remote feed back of high, low or multiple levels of tank. The reed proximity sensor are easily adjust one and also having a latching technology. It is very useful in visual monitoring the oil from a distance.


  • Designing is very simple to indicate the level of oil inside the tank
  • Precision design
  • Longer service life

Standard Construction

Normally it is provided with transparent acrylic tube mounted on a MS flange,
supported by four SS tie rods. reed proximity sensor is mounted on two tied rods using mounting brackets.

Float is made up of solid nylon foam of very low density. the float is connected to a
piston rod and the other end is fitted with a circular bicolour disc. The bicolour disc is assembled with a permanent magnet. Bicolour magnetic assembly performs a dual role of oil level indication & actuation of Reed proximity sensor.


  • Diesel
  • Coolant oil
  • Hydraulic oil

Technical Specification

Indicator length : 100mm to 900 mm
Max. Temperature : 80oC
Max. Pressure : Atmospheric
Mounting flange : 100 Sq. Ms
Float : 80mm, Solid Nylon Foam
Indication tube : 30, Acrylic

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