Miniature Level Switch

It is a compact construction and suitable for mounting vertically, Miniature level switch consists of a reed switch housed inside the guide tube and a permanent magnet inside the float assembly. The float moving with the liquid level makes and breaks the reed switch contact.

Miniature level switch is used to sensing the low, high or both low and high in tanks .


  • Water & Diesel
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Edible Oil
  • Chemicals & Pharma
Miniature Level Switch
diagram (3)


Probe LengthUp to 1000mm
FloatPP, SS 316
Switching rating24 V DC, 230VAC
No. of Switch Levels1 to 2
MountingFlange, Threaded
Material of constructionSS 304, SS 316
Maximum Temperature125oC
Maximum Pressure10kg/cm2

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