IIoT is Easy!

You have monitoring systems throughout all industries. With IIoT devices like WirelessHART communication and HART gateways, you can integrate your process value into the cloud and have it anywhere at any time.

Everyone wants cheaper, smarter and more efficient monitoring systems. IIoT monitoring services can give you secure access to your process values anytime and anywhere.


Wireless communication and battery power give you more freedom in your plant and reduce structure costs. Want to try cloud based interface and see how efficient your monitoring can be? Try our products and discover all the potential in your monitoring solutions.




The Importance of Data Logging for Industrial Equipment

Businesses often value intellectual property as an asset, but forget that their data may be another important industrial property just waiting to be monetized. Machine data may be one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organization. This is pretty astonishing if you realize that some of the most important insights you can gain across IT and your business are hidden in that data: it contains a definitive record of all activity and behavior of your machines, peripheral devices, sensors, servers, servo drives, PLCs, HMIs, IP cameras, robots, networks and other industrial equipment, just waiting to be analyzed.


Machine data can tell you exactly how your machines are performing. It can tell you everything about the cycle time of the machine, malfunctions, downtime and operating time. In case of breakdowns, the data can reveal where, when and why it went wrong. It also allows you to keep track whether temperature, humidity and gas concentrations are constantly within the normal operating range. It can even reveal answers to more abstract questions, such as, which process variables have an affect on quality and yield, which process variables predict equipment failure or tell you whether product quality, quantity or accuracy meets expectations.