Fuel Level Sensor

VSAN fuel level sensor is a low-cost capacitance type level sensor. Fuel level sensors are used for accurate fuel level and volume measurement in the tanks of vehicles, bulk storage tanks.

The designs are very simple and light weight, it measures the level accurately and reliably. The sensor output is connected to a visual monitoring and tracking system. The sensor consists of measuring probe, gives the more linear output and it is not affected by turbulence inside the tank.

The fuel level increases, the capacitance level also increases, the fuel act as a dielectric between the electrodes. The increase in capacitance directly professional to increase in fuel level. The change in capacitance is measured and converted into 4-20mA, 0-5v,0-10v, RS485 O/P.


  • Flange: Aluminium
  • Probe Length: 150 to 2000 mm
  • Input: 12 to 24 DC
  • Connection: 3 core cable 1 mt
Fuel Level Sensor

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