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Float Level Transmitter

The float level transmitters are unique or ideal for continues level monitoring of chemicals, different type of oils, diesel and water. The main motive of this transmitter is, the output is not affected by the physical appearance, pressure, temperature and also the liquid type. The transmitter is factory calibrated and is ready to use. In the most of the industries are used these transmitters for the purpose of accurate level measurements.


It consists of non-magnetic sealed steam, containing series of reed switches and the resistor, mounting adapter, float carrying magnet and enclosure containing electronics.

In mainly it is used to liquid level monitoring like water, diesel, lube oils, fuels.

Here are just few areas where transmitter can be used.

  • Domestic Usages
  • Food Processing
  • Medicals
  • Industries
  • Automation's
Float Level Transmitter

Technical Specification

Overall Length 300 mm to 5000mm
Measuring Error ±0.25 % or Span
Output Temperature Co-efficient ±0.007% / oC
Resolution 5mm / 10mm
Ambient Temperature -40oC to 60oC
Liquid Temp. Range -40oC to 120oC
Liquid Min. Density 0.8 gm/cc
Max. Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Protection category Weather proof Ip66 to IS : 2147 (or) Flame Proof Gr. IIA & IIB to IS : 2148
Terminals Max. 1.5mm2 Flexible
Cable Entry PG11 for weather Proof ¾" Et for Flame proof (Glands not supplied)
Output 2 wire, 4-20 mA
3 wire, 0-10 V DC
RS 485
Process Connection Threaded Flanged Tri clamp Others
Excitation Voltage 10-30 V DC
Loop Resistance Max. 1200 Ohms

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