Electromagnetic Flow Meter

This type of flow metres are used in wide range of throughout all over industries.it can be applicable for a type of liquids , especially slurry , waste water, dirty water ,acids and alkalis. the two million magnetic meters are sold since 1997 , it does not need maintenance and offer seamless system.

In the industrial usage the flow meter are used in water management.

In tunnel construction and mining and robust magnetic meter are often the only option for measuring abrasive oils, sand water mixtures, slurries, bulk solids with the required accuracy.

Working Principle

The main principle is faraday’s law of induction, which says that a metal rod moving in a magnetic field it induces an electrical voltage.

For that principle working here, as soon as the electrically charged particles of fluids cross the artificial magnetic field generated but two field coils an electrical voltage is induced.

The voltage tapped by two measuring electrodes is directly proportional to the velocity of the flow.

The magnetic field is generated by a pulsed direct current with alternating polarity, this ensure the stable zero and makes the flow measurement is insensitive to multiphase.

electromagnetic flow meter


  • The measuring method id virtually independent of pressure, temperature, viscosity.
  • Large nominal diameters up to 2400.
  • No need maintainers, due to no moving parts.
  • Free pipe cross section