Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Used for simultaneous measurement of mass flow, viscosity, density and temperature.

Working Principle

Depends upon the construction design the Coriolis mass flow meter have one or more measuring tube, it can be oscillating artificially. At the starting time the fluid starts to flow in the measuring tube, the additional twisting imposed on this oscillation due to the fluids inertia. The two sensors are detect the change of the tube oscillation with respect to time and space, it is called as an “phase difference”, and also direct measurement of mass flow.

The fluid density also be calculated from the oscillation frequency including the temperature of the tube registered due to the temperature compensating purpose.

Used in wide range of industry like,

  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil and gas
  • Food factory

The Coriolis Mass Flow can measure virtually all fluids, cleaning agents, crude oil, vegetable oil, silicon oil, alcohol, toothpaste, vinegar.

The mass flow meter lead a main role of process control, quality assurance and mainly plant safety.

coriolis mass flow meter


Most of the accuracy purpose this type of flow meter is used, it also works on

  • Universal measuring principle
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Multivariable measurement
  • The measuring principle is independent of the fluid properties
  • No inlet and outlet runs are necessary

The Additional Important Characteristics

  • Concentrations in multiple-phase fluids
  • Volume flow
  • Solids content in a fluid
  • Special density values such as brix, baume, API, balling, plato.