Capacitance Level Transmitter

Capacitance Level Transmitter

It is very simple and cost-effective solution which offers a good possibility of measuring the liquid levels, especially in small tanks. It is used in sensing level of liquids also used for conductive as well as non-conductive liquids.

It is offered with PTFE sleeve for better insulation and to withstand in high temperature. In conductive tanks the insulated probe act as one electrode and the tank wall as another electrode. if any change in liquid level the dielectric value will change. Therefore, changing the capacitance value is proportional to the liquid level.

In case non-conductive liquid is used, then the reference probe is provided as ground electrode.

The capacitance level transmitters is available with different type of mounting arrangements which is suitable for the customer requirements. The output range is 4-20mA,4 wire connections for isolated supply,2 wire loop powered output is also available. The tank is empty (4mA) or full (20mA), the calibration is done through field calibration or button in case of 4 wire and 3 wire, for 2 wires it is through multi turn trim pot. The rigid probe is offered for tank depth up to 3 meter and flexible probe up to 15 meters .


  • Used For Chemical Applications
  • Used For Sensing Level of Liquids
  • Very High-Pressure Industries
  • Liquid Level Measurements

Technical Specification

Type 2 Wire (Loop powered), 3 wire (isolated), 4 wire (Isolated) 4-20 mA
0-10 V DC
Input 24V Dc
Permissible Load 500Ω
Measuring Rage 200 mm to 3000 mm in Rigid Probe Upto 15000 mm in Flexile Probe
Pressure Max. 5kg / cm 2
Temperature -25 to 100oC
Enclosure Die Cast aluminium, Weatherproof or Flameproof
Resolution 5mm
Accuracy +0.5 % Fs
Mounting Threaded -½" / 1" / 2" bspm or Npt Flange - 1" /2" Asa/Ansi/Jis/din
Mounting SS 304 or SS 316

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