Cable Float Switch

Cable float switch is mainly used for the automatic working of small pumps and cellar emptying pumps in liquids a little bit agitated.



  • Automation
  • Efficient Performance
  • Standard Construction

The devices are for intensive uses and has a 110° working angle. Cable Float Switch is also very often used to connect a sound or light alarm.

Cable Float Switch
diagram (5)


Operation mode Omnidirectional
Allowed fluid density 0,70 a 1,15
Maximum pressure 3,5 bars
Maximum temperature 85oC
Protection index IP 68
Electric characteristics 250 VAC- 50/60 Hz
Cut-out power 20 (8) A (20 A resistive- 8 A inductive)
Microswitch Silver / Cd oxide reverser contacts
Biconical shell Copolymer polypropylene
Cable Neoprene or HR HY (hypalon) H07RN8-F
Cable type 2 or 3 conductors 1 mm2 (with or without T, according to versions)
Float weight without cable 105 g
Cable weight Neoprene 115 g/m - HR HY 110 g/m
Adjustable ballast on cable (option) Loaded resin 175 g or 250g - Plastic 200g - ecological
Standard cable length (series) 0,40; 0,50; 1; 3; 5; 10 and 20 m (other lengths on request)